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Vivaldi: Nuove Sonate

Vivaldi: Nuove Sonate

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

Nuove Sonate

Ensemble Scaramuccia
Javier Lupiáñez

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Vivaldi: Nuove Sonate

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi is arguably one of the best-known baroque composers. However, the rediscovery of the Prete Rosso in modern times took place quite recently. The history of this rediscovery might still offer us some surprises. This recording is aiming to be part of this history, featuring the most recently discovered Vivaldi sonatas for violin and continuo, including the latest discovered works by the Venetian composer (added to the RISM as RV 820 and RV 205/2), as identified by Javier Lupiáñez in 2015, and presenting the first recording of the RV 205/2.

Most of these recent discoveries have taken place in the so-called Schrank II (Cabinet II), in The Saxon State and University Library Dresden. The music from the Schrank II is part of the compilation that was gathered by Johann Georg Pisendel, concertino of the orchestra of the Court of Dresden and Vivaldi’s pupil and friend. The special care on improvisation is just one aspect of the deep research behind this recording, an original and deep study have been undertaken on Pisendel and Vivaldi styles of improvisation, making of this CD a double discovery: discovering new works of a great master and the musical language of the masters who performed them.

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Our first release features a recording of an original Ruckers spinet from 1604. This instrument has miraculously survived to this present day and, after many years of research and preparation, has been restored to a playable state.

Suonata 1.ma del Sig.re Vivaldi
[Violin Sonata in D major rv 10, Dresden Ms. Mus.2389-R-7,1]

1. Allegro – Adagio – Presto – Adagio – Presto – Adagio     2:57
2. Allegro     2:32
3. Adagio     2:36
4. Allegro     3:31

Sonata á Violino è Violoncello
[Trio Sonata for violin, cello and continuo in G major rv 820,
Dresden Ms. Mus.2-Q-6] – New discovery by F.M. Sardelli / J. Lupiáñez, 2015

5. [Without indication]     2:42
6. Adagio      1:53
7. [Violino] Solo: [Without indication] – Adagio – [Without indication]      2:47
8 Violoncello solo: Adagio – [Without indication]      3:18
9 [Without indication]      2:54

[Sonata] del Sig.re Vivaldi
[Violin Sonata in D major rv 816, Foundling Museum Ms. 2/D/miscellany] – Recent discovery by M. Talbot, 2011

10. Allegro 0:56
11. Allegro 1:30
12. Largo 4:25
13. Allegro 1:56
Violino Solo
[Violin Sonata in A major rv 205/2, Dresden Ms. Mus.2-R-8,40] – New discovery by J. Lupiáñez, 2015. First world recording

14. Adagio      2:30
15. Allegro      4:27
16. Largo         2:25
17. Allegro       3:49

Sonata à Solo
[Violin Sonata in D major rv 810, Dresden Ms. Mus.2389-R-12] – Recent discovery by N. Delius, 2007

18. Andante     2:40
19. Allegro        2:15
20. Largo          3:24
21. Allegro         2:00

Violino Solo
[Violin Sonata in D major, Dresden Ms. Mus.2-R-8,18] – Italian Anonymous, First world recording

22. Adagio       2:24
23. Allegro       2:30
24. Largo          1:26
25. Allegro        2:40
Total time 66:29

Ornaments and doubles by Javier Lupiáñez